Back in 2001 when we founded Guerillascope the TV landscape was dominated by big players with big clients. The small to medium sized business really wasn’t catered for, and indeed, often had the perception that TV was beyond their marketing budget.

We have grown Guerillascope as a company catering for SMEs and are proud today that some of our multimillion spending client’s started their Television branding with us and from small beginnings. We have grown with our client’s business and we are part of their brand’s story.

Nowadays, as our own business has matured and grown, yes we have some very large clients,
but we still pride ourselves on putting new brands on Television.

As a full service agency we can take a brand from creative concept through production and onto Television seamlessly and affordably. In 2018 we put more new brands on TV than any other UK or Irish agency.

The proliferation of smaller channels allows for more targeted TV advertising at lower costs, allowing a more democratic and targeted TV landscape for all advertisers big and small.

Our mission is simple: to provide a hands-on, flexible and transparent service that supports scalable business growth at reduced TV advertising costs.  By growing businesses, we have grown our business over the past two decades.

Whether you are new to advertising on TV or an established presence seeking a fresh and improved strategy, our team is fine-tuned to deliver bespoke campaigns that reach the heart of target audience groups, build brand fame and drive sales.

We’re always available for a friendly chat about your TV advertising objectives,
please call Oliver Durkin direct on +353 (0)870522646 to discuss any new business. 

Or perhaps you’d like to complete our TV planning form to set the ball rolling on your campaign?