Optimising your tv campaign

With your TV advertising campaign in motion, we’ll perform continual cross-platform analysis by inserting a pixel code into your website which enables us to correlate sales, traffic and response with your TV spots. This allows us to optimise campaign performance.
The pixel code and accompanying software essentially enables our TV experts to measure the uplift in web traffic triggered by your TV advertising activity. To achieve this we compare baseline web traffic statistics with response and sales data attributable to specific TV spots. Guerillascope provide regular reports based on the detailed results gleaned from this system.

Benefits for TV Advertisers?

  • TV advertisers can identify the ‘cost per lead’ and ‘cost per acquisition’, as well as other response metrics such as ‘impacts per acquisition’ that demonstrate the efficiency of a TV advertising campaign.
  • Clients are given personal login access for added transparency.
  • Advertisers can measure lead generation and response by channel, programme, and day part, allowing clients to see what aspects of their campaign have been working.
  • A tracking code removes the need to manually capture and load data, which often takes time when formatting and exporting the data.
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