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At Guerillascope we position advertisers in front of the right people, in the right places, at the right times.

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We are a full-service media and marketing agency.

Explore the categories below to see what Guerillascope could do for your brand. For all new business enquiries please call Oliver Durkin direct on  +353 (0) 87 0522646 or leave a note.

Our work in action

I think we give straight answers to straight questions. Clients feel our focus is on their business growth as our primary yardstick. That simple metric, whether it is how many records a client has sold or us presenting an ideal graph of a descending cost per acquisition to a happy client... it's the same thing - Someone has spent money with us - making content and putting it in front of the right people. They want to see a return on their money - All the rest is just stuff. By staying focused on this over the past twenty years we've stayed alive, and we've grown successfully, we've spent time with some very clever people and we've had fun. The landscape has changed but the job's the same.'