Competitor and sector analysis

We use the most comprehensive and feature-rich TV analysis program available to media agencies when measuring the TV activity of competitors and sectors. We can analyse any brand or sector, providing they have advertised on TV.
From such reports we can gain an insight into which channels your competitors have advertised on, as well as the day parts, weekdays and programming. From this, our team can also calculate estimated spends.

Benefits for TV Advertisers?

  • This data allows us to detect trends and seasonal patterns within competitor and sector activity.
  • We’ll highlight the distribution of airtime by time of day and day of week, as well as identifying the highest impacting TV programmes for a campaign.
  • We supply estimated competitor spends whilst identifying the reach and frequency of TV advertising activity. In other words, the fullest possible picture.
  • This should all place you in a position to decide whether going against the grain or following the same blueprint is your best option.
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